How to dress up your own wedding dress

From the moment you walk into your favourite cocktail bar to the moment the guests arrive at your wedding reception, the dress you wear is an integral part of your special day.

Here’s how to pick the perfect one.


The fabric and colour of the dress The most important part of the wedding dress is the fabric and the colour of it.

The colour of your wedding dress can make or break the day, and for a lot of people, it’s the colour they can wear to their reception.

In most cases, the colour is something they’re used to wearing, but you can also pick a dress that’s different to the colour you’ve chosen for your wedding.

If it’s a red dress, it could be a light blue, a yellow, or even a pink.

Try choosing a colour that matches your mood and tone of the day.

For a romantic evening, for example, you might want a dark purple or a navy blue dress, or a bright orange or brown.

If your favourite colour is bright orange, try a colour such as green, blue or purple.

The best way to choose a dress is to pick a colour and size that match the colour and style of your own dress.

For example, a white dress can be a blue dress or a light grey dress.


The length and the width of the skirt The length of your skirt can make a big difference in how you look at the reception, or what you wear on the day itself.

Some people prefer a shorter skirt, while others prefer a longer one.

A longer skirt is usually shorter than a shorter one, but for most people, the longer the skirt, the more comfortable it is.

For some couples, the length of their skirt can be more important than the length.

For instance, a shorter dress might not be long enough to show off your hips, so you might prefer a dress with a shorter length.


The number of straps and ties There’s no way to predict exactly how many straps and tie you will need, but the most important thing is that you choose a style that fits you.

For most people you’ll want at least three or four ties.

If you have more than that, consider choosing a style with fewer ties.

You might also want to make sure that the style of tie you choose doesn’t get in the way of your outfit or your mood.

If, for instance, you’re wearing a long dress, you’ll probably want a tie with two vertical lines or a simple bow that’s straight out of the bow tie collection.

You can also choose to make a dress a little more casual by using a long or short skirt and a number of ties to make it less formal.

If there are lots of straps, you can usually cut them into three or more pieces.

Some designers like to have three to four pieces of dress fabric attached to each tie.

For your next special day, look for a dress from one of these styles.

For more information on the types of tie fabrics, check out our guide to wedding dress fabric.


The material of the tie and its placement The last thing you want to do when choosing your wedding tie is choose a material that will be the weakest link in your outfit.

If a material is too soft, it can be difficult to pull it off in a way that feels flattering.

For that reason, you should try and find a material where your tie will be as comfortable as possible.

For many wedding dress designers, a silk or a linen tie is usually the best choice for a simple, light, and comfortable dress.


The style of the suit and the style in which it’s worn The suit you choose can be very different to how it’s traditionally worn.

In some cases, a suit that is worn in a formal setting may be more appropriate for a more casual setting.

A classic suit can be formal and formal-casual, while a more formal suit can often be a little less formal than that.

If the suit you chose was originally designed for a formal occasion, then you may want to find a suit with a more traditional, relaxed fit, such as a chiffon suit or a buttoned suit.

However, you may also want a suit made to match your mood, or your style of dress.

A casual suit may not be appropriate for everyone, so try and choose a suit in which you can wear a relaxed, casual style.


The type of wedding cake you will have and the decor You may want a cake that matches the theme of your day, or you may prefer a cake for your very own wedding.

You should always be aware of how your wedding cake will look, and if you’re planning to use the cake for the reception or a reception, make sure it’s one you’ve purchased and that it’s ready to use.


The amount of flowers and the amount of cake The amount and quality of flowers, cakes, and other decorations you’ll need to choose for your ceremony and reception can make all

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