“The First 100 Days of 2017”

The 100 days of 2017 are just around the corner and the news has gotten worse.

We’ve seen the rise of the tea party and the establishment Republicans, and now there’s the tea partiers.

But let’s be clear, the tea is not the problem.

In fact, the real problem is the media.

In the first 100 days, the media’s coverage of the first Trump term has been abysmal.

Here are a few of the most egregious examples: The Washington Post: This story about Trump’s administration is full of lies.

There’s no such thing as a “special counsel.”

The president never fired Comey.

He fired the FBI director.

Trump did not wiretap Trump Tower during the campaign.

Trump and Pence are the most corrupt people ever to run the United States.

Trump’s health care bill was a massive mistake.

It will cost billions of dollars.

The president is now pushing his tax cuts.

We have the highest taxes on the planet, and he’s pushing them to the moon.

The New York Times: The story is so ridiculous that the editors have changed the headline to “The Fake News Media is Making Trump a Success.”

The Post’s editorial board was not impressed.

Trump will be a success, the paper concluded.

The Washington Post’s editors are not journalists.

They’re not objective.

The Post has become an outlet for the Washington establishment, which is a complete joke.

The Wall Street Journal: Trump was elected by a wave of angry white men.

He will be an embarrassment.

We will not accept his agenda.

The Trump administration has been a disaster.

The Times’s editorial page, which has traditionally been pro-Trump, now calls Trump “irrelevant and untrustworthy.”

The New Yorker: A woman who was harassed by a reporter for years, and who was later accused of lying about the incident, has finally gotten a chance to speak out.

The story about this woman, who was once raped by a member of the newsroom, is so bizarre and absurd that it’s hard to believe the NYT editors would have put it there.

The Intercept: On March 5, the Intercept published a piece by a former journalist who said he was sexually harassed by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“I was a victim of harassment by the White House,” the woman told the Intercept.

The piece included a statement from Sanders defending her.

“It is absolutely false and completely absurd to suggest that the White [House] has ever retaliated against me or threatened me with retaliation,” she said.

The article also quoted former White House staffer John Solomon, who said that Sanders had pressured him to lie about his sexual assault.

“They made me go to her office and talk to her about it and give her a ‘no’ or ‘I’m sorry’ sign,” Solomon told the outlet.

“When I said no, she told me to tell the president what I said and said she would make sure I didn’t do that again.”

Trump is a serial liar, a serial abuser of power and an absolute shill for the corrupt establishment.

The mainstream media has also been abominable, especially on issues like gun control.

The Hill: While there are a number of Democrats who are calling for the House to pass gun control legislation, the majority of Republicans are not.

The Congressional Research Service found that “most congressional Republicans oppose gun control laws and generally support measures that would reduce access to firearms.”

The GOP has voted for every gun control measure passed by the Senate since 1989.

The New York Daily News: “I’ve seen this before, it’s not even a question of whether or not you’re a Republican.

It’s when the GOP votes for gun control.”

“This is the same party that voted to repeal the Second Amendment.

That was a GOP majority.”

The Daily Caller: President Trump has been an absolute failure.

Trump and the media, as a whole, have failed.

The media has become the worst news outlet in America.

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