How to avoid dressing in a shift dress in the NHL?

The NHL has released its “Rookie Guide” to the summer, which includes tips on dressing and how to stay healthy while on the ice.

Here are the key points:Avoid the flu-like symptoms of the flu.

The NHL has announced the flu season is over.

In a memo to players, the league says that the flu vaccine will be available for purchase by July 31.

Avoid getting sick while you’re on the bench.

“If you are on the power play, or in your own end, and your partner is sick or injured, please stay off the ice,” the memo reads.

“You can still get the flu if you get sick while on your own power play or in the offensive zone.

If you are in the defensive zone, or your partner isn’t sick or in injury, do not get on the penalty kill or on the PK.

Don’t get on a power play.”

If you’re getting sick on the road, go to a friend’s house.

The league recommends that you do not go to the ice in public places.

“Do not walk on the streets.

Drive on the sidewalks, or take the bus.

If there is an outdoor ice rink, bring a cooler with you,” the NHL said.

“If you plan on visiting a local park or an outdoor game, bring along a towel and a change of clothes.”

If someone is sick in the locker room, bring their temperature.

If you feel overheated, put on a mask and get to a designated area, or bring a blanket and put it over your head.

If a player is in a game with a teammate who is sick, the player is on their own team and is not allowed to participate in any team activities.

The memo says that “it is also important to get up and go to work when the team is practicing or in a scrimmage.”

The memo also says that if a player feels sick on his own, “bring the team along to the lockerroom, take the team to the doctor, and if you are healthy, do your best to get the symptoms under control.”

The NHL is not commenting on the memo, but the league said in a statement to that it will provide the memo to all players.

The flu season ends on June 15.

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