How to rent a wedding dress from a local wedding venue

An online auction website has launched a “buy it now” wedding dress auction where people can bid on a wedding gown with the slogan “You can buy a wedding from a place like this.”

The wedding dress has been described as “a classic vintage look” and features a vintage look of the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

“We think it is an absolute steal,” one of the women behind the auction, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Ms Taylor said the dress was sold by the auction website for $2,500.

It is one of more than 40 wedding dresses that are being auctioned online, she said.

“I think it’s one of those beautiful pieces of vintage vintage,” she said, adding she was very pleased to see someone had taken the time to look at the dress before bidding on it.

“You can get it for $1500.

I was actually surprised that someone was willing to sell it for that price.”

The dress was also on the website’s “most expensive” list, with prices of $4,200, $3,500 and $2 of which the buyer would receive $2.

The dress, which was a gift from Ms Taylor’s mother, was sold for $3.9 million.

Despite being a gift, the dress is now the property of the auction house and Ms Taylor said she was happy to get the gown back.

“We are very happy that someone has decided to sell this dress, and we are very proud of it,” she told

“The seller has taken great care to collect and maintain the item.”

It’s very special to have something like this on our wedding day.

“Ms Taylor had her wedding dress at the venue in January.”

My dress is a little bit of a rarity in terms of what we do at this wedding, and the seller had made sure that it was not lost or stolen,” she added.”

She took the time and effort to get it and is very excited to get to the end of the sale.

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