Wedding dresser makes new outfit to help people cope with the flu: ‘We all have different needs’

A wedding dresser is struggling to keep up with the number of guests arriving at their salon.

Key points:A bride and groom are staying in a hotel for the weekend after their wedding.

A groom’s dresser had to make a new outfit and it cost him $1000 to keep the business runningThis is not the first time this year there has been a major spike in the number arriving at a wedding venue.

The bride and her partner travelled to Australia for their wedding in February and their guests arrived in the following weeks.

“It’s a lot of people coming into the shop.

It’s not just one big group,” wedding dressery owner Kate Edwards told ABC News.”

Kate Edwards says she has been running a business for 35 years.””

It’s just like any other business, you need to keep people entertained, keep them busy.”

Kate Edwards says she has been running a business for 35 years.

“We’ve been doing it for 35-40 years and I don’t think we’ve had a major incident like this,” she said.

“There have been a few occasions where we’ve lost money.”

People will come in and try on a couple of outfits and then leave.

“But we’ve always had a happy and busy customer base and we are always on time and on budget.”‘

The only way to deal with this is with love and care’Kate Edwards said there are some unique things a groom’s family can do to make the process easier for the wedding dressers.

“I think it’s about knowing your wedding is going to be memorable,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You want to be sure you can wear it, but if you want to get a really cool dress and put it on and go out for a couple more days, then you can.”

The only thing that is hard for the bride and the groom is knowing how to deal at home with that.

“When you’ve got children who want their mum to wear it for them, it’s a little bit more difficult for them.”

They can wear their own, they can wear theirs, they’re a little more in control of it.

“Kate said the most difficult thing for the groom was not getting enough of a reception.”

With a lot more guests, you’re talking about people getting their hair done, they’ve got their nails done, their clothes done,” she explained.”

At a reception, you’ve still got people waiting for their pictures taken, you still have people waiting to come in.

“So, you know, we’re not always getting people in the door.”

The bride’s husband is staying in the same hotel, which has a private room for guests and staff, and the dresser says the staff are trying to make sure the wedding is a success.

“Some staff have even been talking about having a little little mini party with a couple people,” she laughed.

“Because the only way you can cope with this, with love, with care, is with each other, the only other thing is with the people that are there and the love that’s there, the people who are happy to go out and see each other and have a good time.”

The couple said they wanted to offer their guests an alternative to the traditional wedding dress.

“My mum would never do this to us,” Kate said.

“But, obviously, the wedding would be much more special for us if we were there.”

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