Why is there so much hate for white women?

The following is a guest post by Emily Dix.

In January 2017, I attended the first ever “Black Wedding” event in Atlanta, Georgia.

The event, hosted by the local nonprofit Black Tie Bar, featured a slew of diverse wedding guests, but the most striking was a black woman dressed as a white bride.

It was a surprise.

The bride had arrived at the venue by bus and had a white man escort her to her ceremony.

The groom, wearing a black dress, followed her into the house where he placed a bouquet of flowers.

This was the first time I had ever seen a black bride at a white wedding, so I asked the bride what her name was and what she wanted to do.

She told me that she was going to marry her fiance.

“I want to be a white woman,” she said.

A white woman can be a “black woman” if they do not embrace the history of slavery, she continued.

“There is no other way.

We are not the descendants of those slaves, they were just like us.

We have the same history and we are white.”

She added that she would be grateful for the opportunity to marry a white person and for the chance to be with a white couple.

That was the day that I became aware of a significant intersection of the white/black/woman binary that has been present since the inception of slavery.

On a daily basis, the media and white supremacists celebrate white women who do not identify with the racial/ethnic binary.

For example, the hashtag #whitegirlisbeautiful, coined by black blogger Lauren Southern, has become a popular way for white men to express admiration for white girls.

The tag is also used by white supremacists to criticize black women for wearing makeup or using black cultural practices.

However, it is not just white women that white supremacists use the hashtag to express their admiration for.

Black women, especially Black Women of Color (BWOC), have experienced violence and sexual violence for their racial/cultural identity, which is often the subject of commentary.

As the Black Lives Matter movement gains steam, so has the intersectionality of the “white girl is beautiful” narrative.

White women are often seen as “the oppressed group” when they do, in fact, want to break out of their whiteness and participate in social justice activism.

Many of the #whitegirlsisbeauty hashtags also appear to be the result of white men being attracted to Black Women who are not white, which often includes a variety of women of color.

White women are also encouraged to wear the hashtag, which they often refer to as #blackwomenisbeautful, to show their solidarity with Black women and to show how they are not a “toy” to them, even though they are wearing a white dress.

It is often used by White Men as a way to get Black women to “come out of the closet.”

This is the type of behavior that has resulted in the recent deaths of several Black women who were targeted by white supremacist Donald Trump supporters in North Carolina.

While the hashtag has gained momentum, the issue of white supremacy continues to be one of the most persistent and pernicious elements of white supremacist discourse and actions.

“The white girl is perfect” and “white woman is beautiful are not acceptable words,” wrote Jodie Emery, a Black feminist writer, in a comment on the Black Wedding blog, referring to the #WhiteGirlIsBeautiful hashtag.

“White women and black women are the same color.

Black Women are more than the color of their skin, they are people.

They have the right to be themselves.

They are human.

White woman is perfect.

White girl is amazing.”

White women have experienced many forms of oppression throughout history, but their continued inclusion within white supremacist narratives is especially troubling.

Black people of color have been oppressed for centuries.

We must remember the history and history of racism that is still present today and how these experiences can be used to justify violence against Black women.

We need to reclaim our humanity and be aware that the #blackwomanisbeautynow hashtag is not only problematic, it also perpetuates a harmful narrative of white privilege that silences Black women of all races.

I hope that I can inspire a conversation around this topic by sharing my experience as a Black woman who has experienced violence in my family, in my community, and in my own family.

I hope that the hashtag will be a powerful tool to help educate and engage people in the black community about the ways that racism affects our lives, and that we will be able to break the cycle of violence that we have been subjected to.

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