How to dress like a mermaid and make a splash on Australian shores

In a move that may be more to the point, Australians are wearing their mermaid-inspired dresses and other swimwear to the beach and beachfronts.

Key points: Mermaids have been popularised by fashion and pop culture since the 1960s.

They are popular in Australia for their vibrant colour palettes and bold style.

Dress makers are trying to capture their unique style in their dresses and swimwear.

They are making their way to the Australian mainland with Mermaids at a surf and fitness centre in Sydney.

“The mermaid dress is just one of many new wave trends in the summer,” said Victoria’s Mermaid Festival’s chief executive, Emma White.

“We have got a lot of mermaids who have been living on our shores for quite a while and we’re just really hoping to capture some of that style, to really bring it back.”

The Mermaid Festival is a celebration of merpeople and mermaid culture. 

Merpeople are the original mermaid, a water-lily-like creature that first appeared in the 18th century and have been used as symbols of love and family for centuries.

They have been adopted by the wider Australian community as a symbol of family and love, and are known for their distinctive colour and style.

The Mermaids are a small, mostly-female subspecies of the sea creature, which is believed to live in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The Mermaids are not native to Australia and their origins have long been a mystery.

But this year the Mermaid Festival decided to try and find out, with an exhibition that showcased mermaid outfits, mermaid songs and other mermaid stories.

“A lot of people in Australia have been following this trend of merwomen going to the beaches, and this is really a way for them to celebrate and bring back this original look,” said Ms White.

Ms White said mermaid costumes and other aquatic clothing were being produced in Australia.

“Some of the mermaid’s dresses, their merwomen swimsuits are really good quality, they’re really vibrant, and the merwomen wear colourful colourful clothes and hats, so we’re hoping to really capture that in our dresses,” she said.

“If you look at a merwoman’s mermaid skirt, it’s really colourful and it’s very eye catching.”

The merwoman costume at the Mermaids in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) is a colourful and eye-catching look. 

(Supplied: Mermaid Festival)Mermaid-themed beaches have been springing up across the state, with some beaches in Sydney and Melbourne being so popular they are turning into their own community events.

In the CBD, Mermaids were also at the centre of the annual Mermaid Parade in July, and Ms White said it was a great opportunity to capture the merpeople’ unique style.

“I think there’s a real sense of community, and a lot more people coming together and really getting on board with the Mermaid,” she explained.

“And I think it’s a really cool way to celebrate merpeople, because you’ve got a whole bunch of merfolk, all dressed in the same way, coming together to make sure that you’re all on the same page, so it’s not just one group of mermen and merwomen.”

She said merwomen were able to express themselves in ways that other Australians might not have.

“They’re really independent, and they’re very independent in terms of what they do,” she added.

Ms White is hoping to make more Mermaids available to Australian customers, with more mermaid clothing to be produced for sale in Australia’s biggest beach resorts.

“As the merfolk are a very well-known and well-respected species in Australia, it really would be wonderful if we could have a place to buy their merwoman costumes, or other merwoman-inspired garments, or mermaid toys and everything that’s associated with them,” she suggested.


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