Month: October 2021

‘I just want to be seen as a normal person’ – Lulus dress form

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Lulus dresses are one of the most popular dress forms in fashion.They have become so popular that many of the brands are now offering their own versions.Here’s what you need to know about the

‘I Wanna Party’ Mimi Murphey’s ‘IWanna Party!’ Dress Revealed at the MTV Movie Awards

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Mimi, a pop culture icon and longtime friend of the show, was dressed in a stunning dress for the MTV Music Awards on Saturday night.The Grammy-winning singer revealed the details of the dress during

Supermarket store to accept cryptocurrency in the future

Supermarket stores will soon accept cryptocurrency for payment in an effort to grow its sales, the retailer said on Tuesday.The move follows a trend across the industry, where many businesses are

Five of the best cheap dresses from the 2017 summer season

The fall season is usually full of gorgeous new designer dresses, and this season has been no different.There are so many to choose from, you might find yourself going through the whole shopping

Why I dress like the Chinese dress, says Harry Styles

The dress is a bit like a chinese hat, according to Harry Styles, who is the star of the popular Harry Styles TV show.“I love the hat, but it’s also kind of like a hat.I think it’s

How to dress your graduation gown for a formal wedding

The dress you get at the wedding is a gift, a wedding dress is just another piece of your day.If you’re planning to wear a formal gown, here’s what you should do to make sure you’re

A dresser with a heart of gold, with a little red heart

A dressers heart, like the heart of a star, is red.A star is blue.Red and blue hearts are red and blue.And there are blue hearts.A blue dresser, red heart, is the perfect combination.This is the
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