Why I dress like the Chinese dress, says Harry Styles

The dress is a bit like a chinese hat, according to Harry Styles, who is the star of the popular Harry Styles TV show.

“I love the hat, but it’s also kind of like a hat.

I think it’s kind of weird,” he said.”

You look at it, you know it’s a hat, you’re like, ‘That’s cool.

That’s a good idea’.”

Style and his wife, actress Lianne Buxbaum, have a daughter, Emma, who he said was born with a “small, delicate, beautiful head”.

“I wanted to wear the hat that the hat’s made of, the kind that the Chinese people wear,” he told the ABC.

“It’s a little bit different, a little more like a headscarf than a hat.”

Styles, who also co-hosts a talk show on Radio National, said he wanted to dress like his favourite characters because they’re the ones who inspire him.

“The most important thing about Harry Styles is the way he dresses, the way that he speaks,” he explained.

“There’s so many ways he dresses that I feel like it’s my responsibility to be a part of him, because he has such a good sense of humour.”

Style said the hat and the dress he was wearing were inspired by the characters he was watching on TV.

“My wife Lianie was wearing the Chinese hat,” he continued.

“And the character that she was wearing was that kind of Chinese hat.

So I had a feeling that I wanted to be like that.”

In addition to his role on the popular television show, Styles also hosts a talk radio show called The Harry Styles Show.

“That’s the show that I love to do, and that’s the one that I like to do,” he joked.

“A lot of times when I do an interview with Harry Styles or with Lianine Buxbaums, we just have a little chat about life, and I just like to ask questions.”

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